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FatCow Review

There are over thousands of web hosting providers on the internet. Out of thousands, there are only 10 reliable web hosting providers. It may be daunting to find out which one is the best if you don’t know how to examine web hosting. In this case, Hoster Talk provides updated hosting reviews every month so you can see which providers maintain their quality, which ones do not. By far in 2012, FatCow managed to remain as the number one web hosting provider. Read on and learn more about FatCow Review. 

First of all, this review summary is provided by Hoster Talk, a website dedicated to give monthly reviews on all web hosting providers. The site provides reviews based on the hosting’s overall rating, customer’s feedback, reliability, money back guarantee, ease of use, technical support, marketing tools, website creation tools, language support, domain features, and email features. To sum things up; FatCow gained 99% out of 100 for bringing outstanding performance on its reliability, features, speed, costs, ease of use, and customer support. It has over 7 email features including web-based email, POP3/SMTP, IMAP, and spam protection. There are also 7 website creation tools which provide the best services including WordPress, Website Builder, Drupal and Joomla. Of course, who would not be happy with the marketing tools provided by FatCow that offers Google Webmaster Tools, Facebook Advertising Credit, and Yahoo! Search Marketing Credit? 

Costs of services are also great. At the official website of Hoster Talk, you will a list of 10 of the most reliable web hosting there are on the internet, and FatCow offers the cheapest cost of service. With only $3.67 monthly, you can get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, plus tons of email accounts and SQL databases, including programming and development tools. 

So if you think you need to have web hosting for your company website, consider reading unbiased and honest reviews brought to you by Hoster Talk.

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